Pillowcase (by Dr.Pugliese)

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Your pillow case can control sleep lines!

As a person sleeps, the fabric of a pillowcase will absorb the water that leaves the skin. The fabric adheres to the skin, and as the head is pressed into the pillow the skin is stretched by the action of the cotton. This weakens the dermal collagen. Movement against the pillow forms wrinkles/creases in the fabric and these fabric creases result in sleep lines.

With the Circadia Pillowcase, moisture is wicked away from the surface of the skin, passing into the hydrophobic nylon fibers of the pillowcase, and is transferred to the cotton backing, evaporating away from the head. This leaves a dry, smooth surface while retaining a percentage of water, making skin soft and pliable.

The chief agent of sleep lines is not the pillow per se, but more, rather, the pillowcase


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